The role of the Grey Foundation

[heading size=”h2″ style=”uk-module-title”]The Role of the Grey Foundation[/heading]A key role of the Grey Foundation is to act as a single point of contact for donors as well as ensuring that fundraising, marketing and branding messages are presented consistently and professionally across the board. Another important goal of the Foundation is to ensure that the Schools continue to attract the best and most dedicated teachers, who appreciate the traditions and Christian ethos of the Grey Schools.

The Grey Foundation, established by the Old Greys’ Union, aims to assist the Schools with the critical function of fundraising as well as to provide financial assistance via a substantial investment portfolio. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees has representatives from the Junior school, the High school, Old Greys’ Union and independant prominent Old Greys which ensures that all key interests are represented.

The office of The Grey Foundation is located ‘neath the clock tower on the Grey High campus.