Old Grey Club – Message from the Chairman

Gary Sim (1982, Way House)

Message from the Chairman

First established in 1850, the Old Grey Club is steeped in history and tradition. It was originally home to Grey High School Old Boys but for years now the OGC has welcomed visitors and new members from past and present parents as well as the general public. The OGC is proud of its many sporting personalities and offers men, woman and children the opportunity to belong to any of the 4 sporting codes namely Squash, Cricket, Hockey and Football and to play sport on a social or competitive level.

Boasting excellent facilities on and off the field the Club is rated as one of the best sporting clubs in the country and current  Grey scholars automatically see the OGC as an extension of the Schools’ – it was not always so.

The OGC was originally formed to serve Old Greys’ globally, and for many years it was somewhat “neglected” resulting in a major overall in 2007 by the past President of the OGU, the late John Lynch.

An enormous amount of time was spent on business operating systems, procedures and the day to day running of the OGC. Planning and implementation followed and for the first time in decades the Club slowly turned the corner with a committed band of voluntary Old Greys’ who took over the reins at the time.

The membership book was rewritten, rules and bye-laws together with the constitution were updated and new objectives were clearly stated to all members past and present. Slowly old members after being absent for many years, began returning, as did the support of existing and new members grow.

Old Greys’ and families of oldboys who had not visited the OGC for some time were pleased with the transformation and where filled with praise for the OG Union and Club Committees for their efforts in the upliftment and refurbishing of the facilities.

Milestones over the last 9 years include the re-establishment of the grass oval which now includes a rugby field and football pitch, new floodlights, a new squash doubles court and refurbishment of the Squash building.

The support and co-operation of the Grey High School and Grey Junior School who use the fields as extensions of their campuses, for sport practices and official matches. This initiative has been of huge benefit to the Schools and with that the parents who now see the OGC as very much a part of The Grey.

The securing of a major sponsor in the bespoke Fitch & Leedes brand in 2016, has enabled a total revamp in 2017 of the OG Club bar & restaurant area to completely transform the entire facility to become more family friendly in an effort for the OGC to reach its full potential as an Old Grey family “ home from home”.

I am proud to support the official purpose of the OGC, integrated with that of the OG Union, which sees its physical meeting place at the OGC in the hope that the following objectives can be met on a daily basis

  • To build on a vibrant communication network for Old Greys, Parents and their families.
  • To ensure networking opportunities are created for Old Greys’ and the Parents and families of learners during and after school.
  • To ensure that current learners understand and appreciate the Schools traditions and history by being in constant contact with the OGC and Old Boys.

Recently a young Grey Junior boy arrived at the OGC one afternoon to attend sports practice. It was his first visit there and he asked his Mom somewhat confused: “Mom, what is this place?” Her reply was without hesitation,”My boy, one day when you matriculate from Grey, THIS is where you will find your people – forever. You will never be alone”

I sincerely appeal to all Old Greys’, to past and present parents and to current scholars to be mindful of and to support the objectives of the Club – and mostly to prove to that young Grey boy that his Mom was right – this is where he will find his people, forever, and that he will never be alone!

Simply put: Your Home Away From Home

We the OG Committee are fully committed to continue to uplift the Old Grey Club.

OGC Chairman