Our History

We have a long history of proven skills and know how which spans over a centure. We provide our clients with useful information and advice they need to make sound decisions to meet their financial goals.

[timeline] [timeline_block date=”1856″ style=”default”] [timeline_img url=”images//OGU/grey_institute–history-of-the-grey.gif” height=”150″/] [heading size=”h3″ style=”uk-module-title”]The Grey School was founded[/heading]

We opened our doors in the summer of 1933 and served our very first clients in Hamburg.

[/timeline_block] [timeline_block date=”1893″ style=”default”] [heading size=”h3″ style=”uk-module-title”]Beginning of the Union[/heading]

In April 1893 Rector Meredith announced that a successful meeting had been held to establish a Union. It would be called The Old Greys’ Union whose object would be as follows:

  1. To keep Old Boys in touch with one another and the School.
  2. To further the development and prosperity of the Institute.
  3. To stimulate and encourage the present boys a connection with the past history of the Grey Institute

[/timeline_block] [timeline_block date=”1977″ style=”default”] [heading size=”h3″ style=”uk-module-title”]Expansion of operations[/heading]

With over 1200 clients all across the world, we became the top financial advisor for many internationals.

[/timeline_block] [timeline_block date=”2000″ style=”primary”] [timeline_img url=”images/demo/general/timeline-2.jpg” height=”150″/] [heading size=”h3″ style=”uk-module-title”]London branch opens[/heading]

In January 2000, we open our first overseas office in the heart of London to better server our clients in UK.

[/timeline_block] [timeline_block date=”2011″ style=”default”] [heading size=”h3″ style=”uk-module-title”]Records broken[/heading]

In our 78th anniversary, we posted a record $15 Billion trading profit making it the most profitable financial company in Germany

[/timeline_block] [timeline_block date=”2016″ style=”secondary”] [heading size=”h3″ style=”uk-module-title”]New things[/heading]

In 2016, we ventured into new markets to expand our folio and establish our fiscal acumen in the industy.

[/timeline_block] [/timeline]