Celebrating Peter Simmons: Architect Extraordinaire and Dedicated Alumnus

In the vibrant tapestry of Old boys, there are shining stars whose commitment to their alma mater goes beyond reminiscence and they actively engage and make a meaningful contribution. Amongst these dedicated individuals is Peter Simmons ‘96, a well-known architect and the proud owner of Sketchbox Design.

Starting at Grey Junior School, Peter’s journey has come full circle. He now finds himself not only a successful professional and family man but also a devoted volunteer on the Old Greys’ Union Committee. His willingness to give freely of his time and expertise to the betterment of The Grey community speaks volumes about his character and values.

Pictured: Peter Simmons and his wife Carla, Son Carter and daughter Isabella

Peter has been instrumental in uplifting the facilities of the Old Grey Club which include the introduction of padel courts, upgrades to the change rooms and developing a masterplan of the Club property along with the adjacent Kemsley Park.

One of Peter’s most remarkable contributions has been his ground-breaking work in rendering The Grey Junior School in impressive 3D. Through his skilful use of technology, he has brought to life the very corridors and classrooms that shaped him into the person he is today. This virtual tour serves as a beacon of inspiration for current students, offering them a glimpse into the rich history and promising future of their beloved alma mater.

Peter has contributed in the following ways, which have largely been pro bono:

Old Grey Club:

There have been obvious changes made to the Old Grey Club which has contributed to the upliftment of the facility in general and brought an energy & vibe which had been missing in past years. General changes include:

  • Digitisation of the whole facility into architectural drawings, including adjacent Kemsley Park
  • Creation of an overall masterplan, based on many meetings & discussions, to give us something to aim towards and to show to potential sponsors.
  • Upgrades to the parking areas, making the field safe from incoming/outgoing vehicles.
  • Introduction of Padel facilities
  • Improvements to the clubhouse, the deck, back of house areas, planting, lighting to the fields, sports change rooms, refuse & glass disposal, playground area, and new nets.

Grey Junior School:

  • Completed Staff Room upgrade
  • Completed Unicorn Room upgrade
  • 3D Modelled the entire Junior School facility and produced detailed architectural drawings for use by the school for future planning.
  • Assistance with minor projects at the school such as new tuckshop deck, cricket nets, painting etc.
  • Grey Junior Innovation Space which accommodates the new Coding & Robotics curriculum

Grey High School:

  • Advancement Centre design & delivery
  • Old Grey Memorial Wall proposal
  • Indoor Cricket Facility proposal
  • Rugby Scrumming Facility proposal
  • Hockey Media Tower
  • Future Hockey Facility Plans

We are indebted to Peter for his invaluable skills and support. In celebrating him, we not only honour his individual achievements but also recognise the collective strength of The Grey Network. His story serves as a powerful reminder that our alma mater is more than just a place of learning. You may be a Grey boy for 12 years but you are an Old boy forevermore.

Thank you Peter.