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[line_break/] [heading size=”h3″ style=”uk-module-title”]OLD GREYS’ UNION MEMBERSHIP[/heading] [line_break/] [pricing_table table-config=”” price=”R400 annual fee” table-caption=”Basic” action-url=”#” action-caption=”Join Now”] [li icon=”icon-check”]12 month Subscription[/li] [li icon=”icon-check”]Recieve the Monthly Newsletter[/li] [li icon=”icon-check”]Become an Old Grey Club member[/li] [li icon=”icon-check”]Join the Old Grey Business Network[/li] [li icon=”icon-check”]Reduced Reunion Dinner ticket pricing[/li] [/pricing_table] [pricing_table table-config=”” price=”from R150 a month” table-caption=”Premium” action-url=”#” action-caption=”Join Now”] [li icon=”icon-check”]Become a Grey Foundation member[/li] [li icon=”icon-check”]Union fees included[/li] [li icon=”icon-check”]Recieve a Section 18A tax certificate[/li] [li icon=”icon-check”]Contribute to one of the 5 Pillars[/li] [li icon=”icon-check”]Recieve the Monthly Newsletter[/li] [/pricing_table]