Introducing The Grey Advancement Centre: A Hub for Enhanced Connectivity and Strategic Progress

In an exciting development for The Grey community, the institution proudly opened the Advancement Centre at the end of 2023. Situated conveniently off the Wares Road entrance, the office occupies the former school shop, now transformed into a professional office for advancing The Grey’s vision to develop connections with its stakeholders.

The Advancement Centre has been established as a unit in the school that consolidates the marketing, fundraising and promotion of the High School, Old Grey and The Grey Foundation into a single unit that is able to coordinate its activities in the best interests of The Grey (High School, Junior School, OGU and Foundation).

The team at the Advancement Office brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion to their roles. Bev McCarthy and Karin Ivings, representing The Grey Foundation, bring deep insights into philanthropy, fundraising, and donor stewardship. Lauren McCleland, representing the Old Greys’ Union, coordinates events and offers valuable insights from the Old boy network while Chantal Davidge, from The Grey Marketing department, brings strategic marketing acumen and sponsor relations to the table.

From Left: Bev McCarthy, Chantal Davidge, Karin Ivings and Lauren McCleland

One of the primary goals of the Advancement Office is to foster stronger connections with The Grey’s diverse range of stakeholders, including alumni, parents, donors, faculty, staff, and the broader Grey community. Moreover, the Advancement Office will play a pivotal role in advancing The Grey’s strategic objectives and institutional goals. By leveraging data-driven insights, innovative marketing techniques, and strategic communication campaigns, the office will contribute to enhancing the institution’s visibility, reputation, and impact both locally and globally.