Honouring Legacy, Embracing Change: The Remarkable Journey of Scott Rollo and The Grey

As a Grey scholar from Grades 1 through 12, Scott reflects on his formative years and recalls his favourite teacher, Miss Morris, from Grey Junior.

Scott’s roots at The Grey run deep as a second-generation Old Grey, following in the footsteps of his father Ken (Class of 1947) and alongside his brothers Gregg (Class of 1976) and Lane (Class of 1983).  So deep is their Old Grey pride that, on a surprise pass from the military to visit his family, Scott received an even greater surprise in finding new occupants in his beloved family home in Walmer! Fortunately, they were able to redirect Scott to the new Rollo residence in Mill Park.  The family had moved to ensure that his youngest brother would be in the correct residential zone for Grey High!

It was at the Reunion of 2000, 25 years after matriculating in 1975, that Scott found a renewed admiration for his alma mater.  Amongst his 85 attending classmates, he witnessed not just a gathering of old friends, but a resurgence of pride in the School’s evolution.  Inspired by the improvements and the palpable happiness of the scholars, Scott embarked on a journey of service that continues today.

Scott had recorded his class database on Excel and, following the Reunion, brought a copy on USB to the then Development Office secretary, Pauline Cartmel.  Upon learning that there was no existing database, Scott tasked himself to grow and run the Old Boy database from home over the next few years, eventually handing over a list of 15 500 names dating back to 1899.  He officially joined the Union Committee in 2003 with Dave Offerman as President and, in 2007, became the Secretary under President John Lynch.

Grey Junior School Sub A (Grade 1) 1964 – Joy Tribe. Scott stands in the back row, fifth from the left.

As a valuable committee member of the last 21 years, Scott acknowledges the Union’s growth and professionalisation from an ‘Old Boys Club’ to the business-like operation of today.  This process was initiated by Dave Offerman, who established the first Union office on Campus, a legacy continued by John Lynch and others that followed.

In early 2021 Scott approached the Chairman of the Old Grey Club, Gary Sim, to see how he could assist.  He had time to volunteer and assist in the day-to-day running of the Club.  In March 2022 Gary moved out of Port Elizabeth and resigned as Club Chairman after a remarkable term that began in June 2007.  Scott then stepped into the role of Chairman of the Old Grey Club and embraced the responsibility with open arms.

The Club is every Grey Boys’ ‘Home away from Home’ and the running of this establishment is reliant on a team of dedicated volunteers and employees.  It has been an exceptionally busy two years, seeing the following work done:

  • Introduction of two Padel courts.
  • Increased parking.
  • Removal of alien vegetation.
  • Refurbishment of the main Fitch & Leedes deck.
  • Extensions of the secondary deck.
  • Improved perimeter security and electric fencing.
  • Replacement of both sliding gate motors.
  • Refurbishment of the sport change rooms.
  • Refurbishment of 2x squash courts.
  • Painting and facelift of the Club facilities.
  • Upgrading and maintenance of the SAPS fields.
  • Upgrading the SAPS change rooms.
  • Partial refurbishment of the SAPS grandstand.
  • Refurbishment of two boreholes.
  • Increasing water tank capacity from 4 to 16, allowing for more consistent irrigation.
  • The growth of Old Grey Football, which now boasts 28 teams, making it the biggest sport code at the Club.
  • Welcoming a fourth-division soccer team that is currently at the top of their league.

Looking ahead, Scott’s vision for the Old Grey Club is one of pride and professionalism, with projects aimed at:

  • Enhancing campus lighting to increase play availability for all sport codes.
  • Further increasing parking facilities.
  • Increasing sustainability of all sporting codes.
  • Increasing membership at all levels.
  • Increasing and maximising advertising revenue.
  • Enhancing brand exposure of The Grey.
  • Improving campus security.
  • Increasing the campus footprint of Old Grey to include other available facilities.

As Scott says “I have been lucky to be part of a dedicated team of people who tirelessly put time and effort into The Grey.  This has been a tremendous team effort by all concerned.  Long may it last!”

To his fellow Old Greys, Scott extends a heartfelt invitation to join him in his vision.  As he eloquently puts it, “In the education of our nation’s youth lies the promise of a brighter tomorrow.  With every volunteer hour and act of generosity, we contribute not just to The Grey, but to our community at large.”

We celebrate Scott as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and service.