Become a Grey Partner

The Grey Marketing Division officially launched in January 2016, and is a full time business unit focussed on strategic planning to ensure the maintenance of The Grey’s brand and to maximise sponsorship and marketing opportunities.
  Advertising exposure presents those who support The Grey fantastic media exposure and reach in harsh and challenging economic times.
  By investing in The Grey your advertising expenditure gives back to the The Grey by providing much needed financial revenue! The Grey family offers advertisers a premium market segment who are a captive audience and represents the potential for a very high return on investment.

At The Grey we have moved from brand awareness advertising or sponsorships to offering call-to-action communication to support your company and it’s products and services, with the intention to drive customers to your door. In harsh economic times we understand the importance of reaching your target market and we endeavour to drive feet to your door by communication through our databases, reaching more than 18,000 people on a regular basis.

Various investment opportunities present custom benefits related to your chosen area of exposure including partnering with The Grey In-House Loyalty Programme.
Added to these lucrative benefits, which range from national and local exposure, to physical exposure on site visibility to captive audience opportunities for conversion, or all of the above, we also provide access to our digital and social media platforms with traffic of more than 650,000 hits and 10,000 new unique visitors per month.

For the protection and comfort of those who invest in The Grey, we present legal binding contracts clearly outlining the benefits and ensuring that activation of your brand to The Grey. We also provide package deals and payment terms.