The Grey Marketing Division

Grey Marketing Division Home Officially launched in January 2016, the Grey Foundation Marketing Division is a full time division focussed on strategic planning to ensure the maintenance of The Grey’s resources. Advertising exposure presents those who support The Grey fantastic media exposure and reach in harsh economic times. By investing in The Grey your advertising expenditure gives back to to the The Grey by providing much needed financial support! The Grey family offers advertisers a premium market segment who are a captive audience and represents the potential for a very high return on investment.

At The Grey we have moved from brand awareness advertising or sponsorships to offering call-to-action communication to support your company and it’s products and services, with the intention to drive customers to your door. In harsh economic times we understand the importance of reaching your target market and we endeavour to drive feet to your door by communication through our databases, reaching more than 18,000 people on a regular basis.

Various investment opportunities present custom benefits related to your chosen area of exposure including partnering with The Grey In-House Loyalty Programme.
Added to these lucrative benefits, which range from national and local exposure, to physical exposure on site visibility to captive audience opportunities for conversion, or all of the above, we also provide access to our digital and social media platforms with traffic of more than 650,000 hits and 10,000 new unique visitors per month.

For the protection and comfort of those who invest in The Grey, we present legal binding contracts clearly outlining the benefits and ensuring that activation of your brand to The Grey. We also provide package deals and payment terms.


  • The Grey Business Network
    This is a searchable online business directory listing all Old Boys, parents and sponsors. Listing on this directory exposes you to 10 000 individual members of the Grey family. The directory also caters for recruitment advertising as well as mentorship programmes for boys currently in the High school.
  • Individual Sporting Codes
    Ranging from title sponsors, product sponsors to secondary and peripheral sponsors of all teams at The Grey
  • Sporting exposure
    Opportunities for exposure across all sporting divisions at the The Grey including both schools and Club facilities, kit and equipment
  • Old Grey Sports Club
    4 Sporting Divisions (cricket, squash, hockey, football) – ranging from title sponsors, product sponsors to secondary and peripheral sponsors
  • Old Grey Sports Club House
    Ranging from title sponsors, product sponsors to secondary and peripheral sponsors On- Site Advertising


  • Main Sports Fields
    Some of the Grey High 1st XV Rugby matches on the Philip Field are televised. We are governed by strict guidelines in terms of the number of outdoor advertising boards we place on this field
    1st XI matches are played on the Pollock Cricket Oval, we are also governed by boundary guidelines and at the Old Grey Club (which is an extension of the schools fields by way of practices and matches) we need to ensure correct measurements for various sporting codes.
  • The Grey Aquatic Centre
    Used by all boys from both schools physical education Rugby Main Grand Stand Cricket Mosenthal Spectators Pavilion D6 Communicator Advertising – reach all parents via this platform which is the official in-house communication tool used by parents of both schools
  • Grey High School Field signage
    Philip Field – Rugby Pollock Oval – Cricket The Rectory Astro Turf – Hockey Additional Fields & Sporting Facilities (Aquatic Centre, Squash, Basketball, Pyott Multi Field and Gordon Multi Field)
  • Old Grey Club Perimeter Signage
    Contracts taken at the schools fields can be extended to include sites at the Old Grey Club. The Club has its own teams, but acts as both a practice and match venue for schools teams. You have the option of advertising only at the Old Grey Club sports facilities.


  • The Grey High School Year Book
    Printed Per Annum and delivered to all boys and parents of the school. An opportunity to promote your business to the entire Grey community, including parents, Old Boys globally. Quality, Full Colour publication designed to reflect the excellence of The Grey. The publication will be digitised and available in electronic format on the school website reaching an extended global market.
  • The Grey Matter
    Since 1957, the magazine is the schools A4 Full Colour In-House Termly magazine and is delivered to all boys and parents of the school at the end of each term. It is an aesthetically-pleasing, insightful and dynamic digest of Grey’s news and views produced by the boys themselves. The editor, traditionally a Grade 11 learner, allocated topics to reports who are responsible for writing and submitting their articles which the editorial team then undertake the massive task of editing and compiling the publication each term.
  • The Grey Boys’ Pocket Term Calendar
    Reach every Grey High School boy on a DAILY basis ! Each Grey boy is issued with a 48 page Term Calendar Pocket Book which fits neatly in the blazer pocket. Used a continual reference tool by the boys, it carries important daily information, weekly planners, test schedules, floor plans etc. Only 7 adverts available per term!

Securing a plaque is a wonderful way for you as an Old Grey or current pupil to share in the history of The Grey by having your’s and/or your son’s name engraved on a granite plaque for generations to come. This personal name plaque will remain on Grey soil in perpetuity. If you or your son played 1st team in either of the sporting codes, the opportunity exists to have your year and position engraved with your name on the plaque.
All plaques qualify for a Section 18(A) Tax Rebate Certificate issued by Alumnet – Oldboys Alumni Communication Tool


  • The Grey Supporters Club Business Partnerships
  • The Grey Voucher Book
  • Supporters Club Events
  • Co-Branding product supplier to Grey Supporters apparel or back-packs
  • Festivals & Events Sponsorships & Advertising


  • The Selley Concert
    This is a premium quality musical showcase and is the highpoint of the Grey High School cultural calendar. Held in the Feather Market Centre with audience of 800-1000 parents and Old Boys as it occurs on the Reunion Week.
  • The Grey Way Concert
    The Grey Junior School’s apex cultural event. Also held in the Feather Market Centre with audience of 800-1000 parents.


  • Old Greys’ Union Reunion Week
    Various Class functions and the Main Reunion Dinner attended by 600-700 Old Boys. This represents a premium networking opportunity as many Old Boys are high level businessmen.
  • Matric Leavers Father & Son Luncheon
    All matrics and their fathers enjoy a seated luncheon at the Old Grey Club. This event is the perfect vehicle for both recruitment and advertising professional services.


  • 4 Social Events
    Each year there are 4 social events promoting the gathering of The Grey Family and Community to build networks and friendships
  • School Travel & Tours
    The Grey claendar is wall-to-wall with school tours that require substantial travel commitments. Each of these events offers a vehicle for sole sponsorship and advertising.

Contact Wendy Beaufort – The Grey Foundation Marketing Director
Mobile : +27 (0) 82 375 2168
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Address : College Drive, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 6001 Postal : Private Bag X0002, Greenacres, South Africa, 6057