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Welcome home!

Extension of the Hall

A 100 years ago, the Grey School Hall was built to accommodate “half a thousand boys”. Over the years, the number of the boys has almost doubled and we are bursting at the seams.

Due to the growth of scholars at Grey High School, the existing school hall is unable to adequately accommodate a full school assembly. Currently learners are accommodated in the passages and on the floor and this situation needs to be addressed. The proposal ensures that the original historic hall does not lose its character by adding two wings to the first floor gallery.

 Grey School Hall FLOOR PLANS


Bursaries & Scholarships

Each year The Grey Schools’ are committed to providing bursaries to students who, due to economic circumstances, might not have had the opportunity to enjoy the benefits which a school like Grey is able to offer them. Bursaries are awarded for sport, music, academic or to general all-rounders.

The Grey has deserving candidates with various strengths should you be interested in affording a young man the opportunity to attend Grey. For specific candidates, please be aware that all donations towards bursaries are for the recipients full term at Grey High School i.e. a 5 year commitment from Grade 8 to matric.

Alternatively, you may wish to donate to the General Bursary Fund which will see your donation go towards identified recipients who are not funded by a specific donor.

Indoor Sports Centre

For The Grey to remain at the forefront of leading schools, in the region and nationally, the need for an Indoor Sports Centre is paramount.

Although we would be thrilled to fund the project in its entirety, we understand that the development may need to roll out in phases. As funds are secured, the priority facilities will be built first. The project will then continue to the next phase.

The Centre will comprise of the following:


  • Covered Parking and Walkway
    Due to the lay of the land and the water table level of the identified site, it is necessary to elevate the building. What one would deem a problem, in fact satisfies the very real need to provide additional parking on the campus. This will also facilitate the need. when members of the Grey Family, use the facility for personal training. The

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Classroom3A 100 years ago, the current Grey campus was built to accommodate “half a thousand boys”. Over the years, the number of the boys has almost doubled and we are bursting at the seams.

Educating our Grey Boys is the primary and most important reason for the existence of The Grey. If we are unable to provide the very best academic facilities then Grey has lost its intended purpose. Due to the exceptional growth of learners attending The Grey in the last century, the school is in dire need of 6 additional classrooms. These classrooms will be built onto the existing classroom block north of the current Gym Hall. These classrooms will be equipped with state of the art teaching equipment ensuring that the highest level of attention can be given to our boys.

Classroom2 Classroom

Advancement Centre

The Grey Foundation Office, the Old Greys’ Union Office and The Grey Supporters Shop will be built at the current site of the Grey Junior Old Tuckshop.

This project will house the following as a service to the Grey Community:

  • An Entrance Gallery containing museum display
  • The Grey Foundation Office
  • The Old Greys’ Union Office
  • The Grey Supporters Shop 
  • A wrap-around verandah with café tables and chairs. The Grey Supporters Retail Shop will offer beverages and light snacks to the Grey Community and Guests.
  • A Boardroom with doors on the side verandah for hospitality functions for guests, sponsors, oldboys, parents etc
  • Full WiFi Access and the opportunity for a small business meeting or as a parent to “work while you wait”
  • A kitchenette and storeroom

The Arts and Culture Centre

The Grey Music Department is acknowledged and revered throughout the country for its excellent music program and various bands. The proposal entails the conversion of the current defunct gym hall into a Mini Concert Hall venue which will host various performances and ensembles.

1) Mini Concert Hall
2) Practise Rooms
3) Sound Room

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Floor plans for the 2 storey Arts & Culture Centre:


Look and feel images for the Arts & Culture Centre:


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