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Campus Key Student Living

National, South Africa

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Join our vibrant living and become part of something great. We take student living to the next level by blending student living, coliving, club membership and short-stay in to one awesome hybrid model. Click Ad for Info.

Life as a student and young adult is awesome. It's exciting, it's a fresh start and even when it's stressful, it's a time you'll never forget.  Our purpose is to create a fun, creative and inspiring space where people can connect, live, work, play and make those memories together.

  • Through our doors you’ll find the great minds of tomorrow.
  • Walk a little further and you’ll find an interconnected community of students, young adults, guests and teams dreaming big! 
  • We open the door to endless possibilities. You’ll have an all-access pass to a life well lived and the opportunity of a lifetime. 
  • Discover what you’re made of, here at CampusKey.

Our mission is to build a better, more fulfilled and connected future by creating opportunities for our guests to connect, interact, build friendships or form business networks. We believe that great design, together with an environment that supports their wellbeing, an all-inclusive offering, vibrant student community, human-centric approach and our passionate team will encourage a more successful, connected future.

We are purpose-built, purpose designed accommodation (think student, co-living and short stay) with a premium hospitality twist, curated toward our member's success.  We transform physical spaces into a community where members learn, stay, play, connect and make memories together.

Our energetic on-site teams elevate our all-inclusive offering with their excellent service and dynamic hosting approach, providing a hyper-intentional human touch to further enhance the member's experience and to ensure each member becomes part of our vibrant community.


Stellenbosch, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Potchefstroom, Pretoria.

We search for the best locations so that you are walking distance from everything you might need. Walk to class, go for a coffee, buy items to personalize your room, buy some groceries or meet your friends at a cafe, getting around has never been easier.

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Call us anytime : 08617883368

National, South Africa

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Port Elizabeth, 6001
South Africa

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